“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why” (Mark Twain). This experience will help you discover your Real GPA (not your grade point average) to answer the question: “How will you use your greatest talents within the industry you are attracted to in order to accomplish your lifetime goals?” Discover your Real GPA to reinforce your purpose, achieve your vision, and fulfill your mission.


Most people will spend 8, 10, even 12 hours at work each day. That is one third of your day, one third of your week, and one third of your lifetime. If you are miserable in your career, you are miserable with one third of your life. That’s 33%! 33% incorrect on any exam in the country is a 67, which is a “D.” If you are miserable in your career, you get a “D” in life. This is unacceptable, and your organization is only getting a 67% from you and others that suffer through the job.


Most people live without a sense of meaning and work without a sense of passion. Without passion, life is work. With passion, work is a hobby and life is the reward. But the facts remain: only 45% of Americans are satisfied with their jobs, 84% believe they are not in their dream job, and 77% are miserable in their jobs. They’re living a dead life – and it’s costing your organization precious time, money, and talent. That’s not okay.


PERSONAL OBJECTIVE: Improve the way you do nearly everything by understanding how your Real GPA and five contributing elements impact your happiness and success.


BUSINESS OBJECTIVE: Compound the cause of Genius with the effect of Passion to bring a sense of Achievement and gratitude back into the workplace.


Learning Outcomes: Get focused, take intelligent action, and stay accountable to…

· Uncover the real factors behind career success, team synergy, and business production.

· Organize your life and business around a 21st century culture to transform workplace enthusiasm and morale.

· Discover strategies for expressing the Real GPA of your organization to make big projects more successful and mundane tasks actually exciting.

· Learn the secret for being impressed with yourself (your Real GPA) and appreciate others for their uniqueness – and then use it to your collective advantage


Develop insights and answers to these foundational questions…

· What is my genius and execution strategy for doing my best work?

· What are my deepest interests for what really matters most in life and business?

· What are the stepping stones toward my bigger future that will make the biggest difference?

· How can I express my Real GPA to achieve my personal vision and become a star producer at work?



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