Life and leadership is NOT about goals. It’s about the deeper purpose and meaning behind those goals – the WHY. For that reason, it’s not about what you do, have, or create, but ultimately WHO YOU ARE that makes the impact. It’s time to step up and commit with a passion and a focus that your life and work deserves.


Do you have a great plan of action, but no one seems inspired to follow-through with it? Harvard Business Review reports that 80% of organizational strategies fail because of one thing: lack of clarity. The same can be said for personal success. Gallup has found that people who are clear on their personal goals and values are 33% more committed to the teams and organizations they are a part of, regardless of their clarity on the team’s goals and values. Then doesn’t it make sense that we focus on our own people first?


Most people think that goals have to be SMART. Most people think they have to have the best plan to achieve their goals. Ever notice that if you go along with most people, you become just like most people? Defining the goal isn’t the only problem – you have to get super clear on WHY you want it. If you understand WHY you want the goal, the HOW becomes easy. Think Martin Luther King Jr., Christopher Reeve, Mother Theresa, and JFK. They created possible futures from impossible circumstances. They had a deeper WHY. Do you?


PERSONAL OBJECTIVE: Define the bigger picture, mastermind with other leaders, and triple your energy and accountability for the emergence of your preferred future.


BUSINESS OBJECTIVE: Help your people get what they want and need so that in turn, they live and lead in ways that  help you and your customers get what they want and need.


Learning Outcomes: Get focused, take intelligent action, and stay accountable to…

· Get energized to live at a level beyond where everyone else lives, becoming less like most people and more like yourself.

· Examine philosophies and actions practiced by leaders everywhere and study simple strategies to apply these timeless and values-based principles immediately in your life, relationships, and workplace.

· Live in the present (but for the future) by getting clear on what you really want and deconstructing beliefs that no longer serve a purpose in your vision.

· Identify the false values and priorities you’ve been juggling to align your present with your preferred future.

· Transform fear & confusion into absolute confidence & a high performance state.

· Get anchored for success through any challenge and become a person of influence to motivate yourself and inspire the best in others.


Develop insights and answers to these foundational questions…

· What is Undeniable Leadership, and what are the roles of someone with this mark?

· What are the secrets behind my personal & organizational leadership foundation?

· What is my deeper burning YES, that when I have it, it’s easy to say NO to less meaningful things?

· How am I living and working in a way that is congruent with achieving my vision?

· What’s the simplest way to make my life and profession an inspiration, not a regret?



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