There are four types of Leadership Development Programs (LDP): a training series, tiered programs, exclusive programs, and a students-teaching-students approach. This comprehensive leadership experience introduces a training methodology and tactics for creating the program that is right for you and your business. The core goal of the session is to guide you through a process that will allow you to define and ultimately create a leadership development program of your own.


Executives, managers, and directors will outline the components for their new training programs to help their company increase its leadership capacity over the next four years. Trainers, instructional managers, and practitioners will plan their leadership training and incorporate strategies for strengthening the current program and future training installments. Employees will get a taste for what their leadership skills should include, as well as how they can further develop the characteristics that employers expect these days.


The Leadership Development Program is a time-phased process for creating relevant & lasting impact through a customized blend of predictive consulting, training workshops, integrative coaching, resource tools, and real-time application to drive organizational engagement, retention, & growth. The purpose of the LDP is to guide and support you in building your own Leadership Development Program from start to finish, big picture to small details. We will complement your leadership program with our own workshops, retreats, and conferences.


The LDP is a unique leadership experience to empower you and your team to become facilitators that provide leadership training for your organization. This train-the-trainer experience advances the personal development, credentials, knowledge, resources, and capabilities of the facilitators who take part in the training. The distinguishing factor of this experience is a certification and licensing agreement for organizations to create a qualified leader development team.


PERSONAL OBJECTIVE: Learn to guide yourself in focusing on purpose, expanding your vision, and chasing your mission because you can’t lead others until you first lead yourself.


BUSINESS OBJECTIVE: Experience the proven, disciplined approach for creating a customized leadership and personal development program in your company.


Learning Outcomes: Get focused, take intelligent action, and stay accountable to…

· Learn how to develop a customized, sustainable, and inside-out leadership training plan.

· Understand the five elements for building leadership in employees and managers: Purpose, Vision, Goals, Plans, & Habits.

· Increase engagement and drive lasting performance through meaningful, memorable, applicable, and accountable leadership experiences.

· Re-imagine the standard leadership program to inspire purpose & meaning in life, relationships, work, and business execution.

· Understand an empowering approach to develop dynamic on-demand leadership facilitators.


The Leadership Development Program looks like this…

· 1 year consulting and development

· One-to-one monthly coaching for up to three key players for one year

· Follow-up support call after the workshop to compare behaviors, results, and trends

· 2 or more workshops at 70% rate

· Optional add-on training: Make Training Fun Again

· After attending The OnDemand Coach Workshop, you and your team are invited to prepare yourself to deliver The OnDemand Coach Workshops on your own to other departments or offices. You’ll become fully immersed in The OnDemand Coach Model and the tools available to tailor the delivery of the workshop to your team. You will now be a Licensed Facilitator for The OnDemand Coach.

· Inclusive workshop add-ons

· Pre-workshop team profile

· Customized workbook and resource tools to integrate learning management system

· Video seminars, webinars, task-related learning projects

· Encore session immediately following each workshop (90 minutes)



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