Most people are at the mercy of the circumstances around them. Most people have paralyzing beliefs that are strangling them. Most people fight the symptoms and never get around to handling the source of their problems. Most people underestimate their abilities and overestimate their fears. Most people don’t have strong enough reasons to create a positive rhythm in their lives. The OnDemand Coach works tirelessly with people who are tired of being like most people. That’s you!


Quick Start To Coaching is an intense personal development experience that challenges you to step outside what is comfortable to create new comfort. It’s an overload of context for your personal development to enhance the focus for your life, and introduction to The OnDemand Coach movement, and a Quick Start for your journey to both Creating A Leadership Development Program in your company and Finding The Coach Within Yourself.


It starts here: when you learn about motivating “everyone,” you begin to realize the truth. PEOPLE CANNOT BE MOTIVATED. Motivation comes from within – it is unique to each of us. Motivational Psychology is the science of mind & behavior that drives us to achieve goals. When we understand our own motivations and those of our business culture, we can reignite the drive that’s been missing in our efforts to create results and make an impact.


PERSONAL OBJECTIVE: Begin to simply answer the difficult questions in life by defining the deeper purpose and meaning in your personal life, relationships, and career.


ORGANIZATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Engage in the foundation for changing the way you design your training, coaching, and mentoring programs to engage employees where it matters.


Learning Outcomes: Get focused, take intelligent action, and stay accountable to…

· Understand your three life dimensions and four areas for personal development

· Step outside what is comfortable and start learning to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

· Redefine motivation in your own terms and as it relates to your company.

· Recognize the seven core motivations for you and your team (what drives you when you’re at your best).

· Double the organizational motivation level in six months by helping your people get what they want and need.


Develop insights and answers to these foundational questions…

· What truly motivates who I am and drives me when I’m at my best, and how can I increase it tenfold?

· What must I do to leap outside what everyone else believes is impossible to achieve personal greatness?

· What guides me, what’s most important to me, and what daily habits must I create to uphold these values?

· What beliefs propel me towards my vision and what beliefs are paralyzing me and my success?

· What thoughts and emotions influence me and my happiness, success, and overall well-being?



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