Teamwork is vital to the success of all organizations and personal relationships, but expectations can be misleading, everyone’s communication style is unique, and common sense is not always common practice. The real trouble with teamwork and communication is that people are not motivated to things they're not good at. Too often, leadership and personal development focuses on a mass strategy, but instead, it needs to be customized to focus on the individual. This session is about helping yourself and your team lead from your genius, and not because it's part of your job responsibility or a supervisor request.  These challenges are real…and they are avoidable. Teams need to be designed, not formed.


Communication is not only one of the biggest causes of divorce in the US, but it’s also a cause for divorcing oneself from a job. The relationship and communication between managers, supervisors, and employees is one of the most common reasons why people quit their jobs…and one of the most common reasons why goals aren’t achieved and simple or business-threatening mistakes are made.


Most organizations don't work because they aren’t designed to work. Between the lack of communication, overuse of cooperation, and challenges with collaboration, it's no surprise that organizations and teams operate at less than their greatest capacity. Communication is how people connect with each other and the world. Cooperation is how people work on their own to achieve common team goals. Collaboration is how people work together alongside each other to achieve common goals. All three must be integrated.


We happen to know where things are going wrong. In our culture, people are encouraged to be well-rounded to know a little bit about everything. But when you’re good at everything, you’re genius at nothing. The best teams are designed differently: sports teams, musical groups, professional service technicians, and so on. We need to do something differently. The answers are here for how we learn, how we do our best work, and how we collaborate with each other. Don't miss this full-on engaging and hilarious experience!


PERSONAL OBJECTIVE: Adopt a new model of Core Genius to become the best you and learn how to work best with others because life’s too short to do the things you suck at.


BUSINESS OBJECTIVE: Use the cutting-edge dynamics of teamwork to transform individual talent into groundbreaking results and design top notch teams that grow your business.


Learning Outcomes: Get focused, take intelligent action, and stay accountable to…

· Discover how well-roundedness and multitasking prevent you from getting to the next level.

· Define a clear path for understanding people’s strengths & diverse needs – starting with your own.

· Explore and discover your performance strategy based on your Genius Profile to do your own best work.

· Become the architect of collaborative relationships that yield consistent & lasting success.

· Understand habit patterns, lead any team, influence anyone, & counsel any relationship.

· Create an aligned culture with increased engagement and ownership in goals and projects.

· Learn to motivate the unmotivated, manage the unmanageable, relate to the unrelatable, rely on the unreliable, and communicate with the non-communicator.


Develop insights and answers to these foundational questions…

· What are the key principles of communication that build greater team synergy?

· What is the default Code Of Conduct for successful teams and organizations?

· How can I adapt my communication style to match other styles I am in conflict with?

· What is my leadership and execution strategy and how can I apply this uniqueness to create more value?

· What needs to happen within my organization for it to truly serve its purpose while creating a culture that thrives as a result?



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