The facilitator was the best I have ever had. The topic hit so many subjects that helped me personally and professionally. It was such an inspiration and breath of fresh air and hope!!”


…Sally Stanley, Chief Financial Officer, Double H Ranch



“An exceptional speaker & presenter. Very genuine, all subject matter was realistic, pulled in all of the audience and everyone was excited. Very sincere, confident, and 100% educated on the course material.”


…Jacqueline Bertrand, Telecommunications Administration, Albany



 “Joe had charisma! Charming and full of personality! A terrific leader. He has it all going for him. Held my attention, making him a perfect lecturer.”


…Ann Leirne, Insurance Liaison, Lierne & Lierne Attorneys At Law



“You have proven that you are not only the leader when it comes to the seminar delivery and design, I consider you as THE leader of the entire seminar area. Your efforts and actions have earned you this distinction. It is now our responsibility to teach everyone that when it comes to seminars, you are the leader.”


…Tony D’Angelo, Chief Visionary Officer, Collegiate EmPowerment



I am doing all this because I don't want to carry on the same legacy that has been there from the time I was born. I always thought I hated myself, but really it was where I came from. I should stop hating it and accept it for what it is because it did create who I am today. Now that I know, I can take who I am and create who I will become. This is my why.


...Anonymous, Product Line Manager, ARRIS





“There is no doubt in my mind that the drive and approach helped me to get out of my complacent position. I clearly remember being inspired to strive to achieve more in both my professional, physical, and personal life.  I realized that I shouldn't be worrying about my life, and that I should be doing something about it to make things happen.”


…Chris Sy-Santos, Meetings Coordinator, ACE



“What has happened in the past few months was something I NEVER expected. Through The OnDemand Coach, I was able to determine why I always felt the way I did. And what was holding me back in life, besides my own fears and my job, was the purpose to move on. There are so many people that I do admire and it's a shame I'm not on that list. But, I will be. I am on my way to being a person I admire.”


…Andrea Vasata, Finance Associate, Fortune 50 Company



“I knew that I was going to be talking with Joe today, and I was scared, even after six sessions. He was going to ask me the tough questions about my future that needed to be answered. I wasn’t scared enough to ignore the call though. In twenty-five minutes, I went from being nervous and upset to being excited. This one hour conversation has given me the answers I need to be about my life.”


…Ashley Ellsworth, High School Teacher, Rhode Island



"You’re great at asking the right questions and really good at getting me going to better conclusions. One of your greatest traits as a coach is digging out information and the revelations that I came to through our calls. I’ve never regretted a call I’ve had with you – and that’s awesome. You’re good at making it quality time."


…Matt Faircloth, Real Estate Investor, New Jersey