Say what? You don’t have enough time? Nope, no one does. And you’ll never have more time than you do now. Your schedule probably won’t get easier. You probably won’t eliminate everything from your to do list. And if you’re like most people, you’ll probably never stand around admiring your balanced life because that’s not what time management is about. You’ve been tricked, and it’s time to start telling the truth.


The truth is that time is an illusion and a feeling that we experience; it’s unique to each of us. Time management doesn’t work because it’s our priorities that really need managing. This experience is about how we all use time as a tool to manage our lives, relationships, and careers. How you manage your priorities will dictate your happiness, your productivity, your ability to achieve, and even how you experience your relationships.


Most people spend too much time managing their time and not enough time managing their priorities: what time ultimately allows you to fulfill…your purpose, vision, mission, and legacy. After this workshop, you will know how to invest  - not spend – your time.


PERSONAL OBJECTIVE: Learn to balance your priorities, eliminate useless wastes of time, and easily systematize your life to keep you focused on what’s most important to you.


BUSINESS OBJECTIVE: Get back all of those wasted hours from unproductive employees and time-stealing projects by adopting a new system of management.


Learning Outcomes: Get focused, take intelligent action, and stay accountable to…

· Take a deep look at your schedule and understand why you don’t have any time.

· Create smarter habits to maximize your most precious and declining resource – time.

· Unlock the code for organizing & prioritizing your roles, goals, activities, commitments, chores, and projects.

· Explore the eight principles of the new time management that will literally change how you plan (or don’t plan) everything.

· Operate with a new time empowerment system that will give new focus to how you plan your week.

· Practice the nine steps that will help you start with your purpose, define your ideal day, turn goals into action, and make time management brainless.


Develop insights and answers to these foundational questions…

· How can I use time for what really matters: as a means for fulfilling my purpose and legacy?

· How can I double my time without multitasking?

· What three questions must I ask myself to achieve more results in less time?

· What personal routine will energize my spirit and add meaning to my life on a daily basis?

· What do I need to do less of in order to create space and time to do what I’d rather be doing?

· How can I take more vacations to multiply my peace time and still triple my work productivity? (What? Yes.)



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